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Leiere Falck

“My true passion lies deeply in seeing women transform into the most confident versions of themselves”

Combining my passion for exercise with education led me to fall in love with the health and fitness industry and wanting to help other women understand and take control of their bodies and lives. Over time, I’ve developed my own approach to training and nutrition that has allowed, not only myself but also my clients to create their dream shape. We are capable of achieving such incredible things and I’ve created my programs to test your limits and unlock your potential.

My role is to educate you, be a Coach and Trainer and shape you into what you’re comfortable in. I have helped hundreds of women reach their fitness goals and you’re about to be one of them.

LFF is more than just a program, it’s a family!

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Deidre’s Testimony

"I needed a boost to get back to being fit, lean and healthy. After I got divorced, I had no time to train being a single mom of 2, and even after I got engaged and my new partner supported me fully, I just didn't want to!! I needed to get refocused and LFF looked...

Samantha’s Testimony

"I’ve always wanted a toned look, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t achieve it. I’ve always known a LFF Challenge was going to change my life. The non restriction approach pulled my attention the most, because I’ve done diets before, but always ended up picking up...

Anneke’s Testimony

"I joined the Hourglass Challenge as I was sitting at the airport on the way to the Maldives. I knew that for 3 weeks I was going to go 'all out' while on holiday, and would need to make a plan when I get back. Through many failed attempts to exercise and eat healthy,...

Chanel’s Testimony

"When I was pregnant I gained a lot of weight, I was really unhappy about how my body looked postpartum. After my baby turned 1, I decided it's time to get my body back! But it was not easy. I tried a lot of things, cutting out certain food groups, exercising but I...

Jenika’s Testimony

"I joined LFF because I wanted to regain confidence and also control over my lifestyle and health. I saw other girls' amazing results, Leiere's own hard work and dedication, as well as her passion for her work! I was suffering from severe eating disorders, and had a...

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