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Leiere Falck

“My true passion lies deeply in seeing women transform into the most confident versions of themselves”

Combining my passion for exercise with education led me to fall in love with the health and fitness industry and wanting to help other women understand and take control of their bodies and lives. Over time, I’ve developed my own approach to training and nutrition that has allowed, not only myself but also my clients to create their dream shape. We are capable of achieving such incredible things and I’ve created my programs to test your limits and unlock your potential.

My role is to educate you, be a Coach and Trainer and shape you into what you’re comfortable in. I have helped hundreds of women reach their fitness goals and you’re about to be one of them.

LFF is more than just a program, it’s a family!

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Annalize’s Testimony

"When I was younger I never struggled with my weight, until 2017. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and it was really a struggle to lose weight. But eventually I lost a few kilos and was able to fall pregnant. This year I decided that after my two babies I needed...

Lerische’s Testimony

"I am a student that got stuck in a unhealthy lifestyle of eating take outs a lot and never having a fixed fitness plan. I am also a young mother and after my baby I never felt beautiful when I looked at my new body. I started losing confidence more and more when...

Anine’s Testimony

"I never knew I could eat such delicious food and still lose weight. I now know that I do not just have to eat salads to see a difference and just have to be smarter with my calories and type of food I eat per day. I feel much more comfortable in my body and love the...

Jani’s Testimony

"I lost myself in work life, had no discipline or set program for my lifestyle. The more I looked in the mirror, the less motivation I had. I felt lost as to where to begin, so I never begun. And it just kept getting worse. As to a point where even my family got...

Kay-Lee’s Testimony

"I have never been one for following diets since it has never been sustainable for me, but with LFF I decided to take a a leap of faith and wow has it paid off! It is so easy to maintain and it has taught me that my goal is more long term and something that I could...

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