How To Balance Fitness, Food & Life

Before I go a little deeper into this topic I want to highlight something extremely IMPORTANT! “BALANCE” looks different for everyone and someone who makes it look extremely easy might look more like an obsession when viewed from the other side!

No one will ever experience “BALANCE” the same even though it comes down to the same thing – finding balance in YOUR life. I’m not going to give you a list of things to try but rather give 3 fundamental elements that you can use to finally find that BALANCE! I know you’ve probably heard this and it’s NOT easy, I know! But girls, if you don’t make sacrifices then where in this world will things become easier for you if you just sit back and hope for better days to come? So…


I would love for you to actually do this right now! Write down your goals (short & long term) from least to most important, as well as the things you might have to sacrifice in order to achieve the goals. These two lists are separate from each other. Have a look at your lists and start crossing out the sacrifices that’s not going to give you joy in life. No joy – well then they don’t deserve to be on your sacrifice list to reach your goals! Removing these things out of your life or should I rather say, not worrying about these things WILL make it easier for you to BALANCE your own life in the long term.


But don’t forget to USE it! What do I mean? We won’t always be in a constant state of eager passion about eating well and staying fit for life. If you connect your actions with a longer lifespan, believe me, you will then starting USING your motivation to keep going, and that’s exactly what I mean. For example, I like to exercise for my health and hopefully one day when I’m older, I will still be able to run around with my grandkids.


Whether that is progress, working on a habit change, or trying to find BALANCE, things will not always be in a straight line. We as individuals need to do something for that line to keep going up even when it dropped slightly. Keep learning, keep trying, always educate and make progress within yourself. THIS IS WHERE PROGRESS STARTS and as soon as you make progress in these aspects mentioned, you will find BALANCE a lot easier in your day-to-day life.

The above can relate to anything but in order to balance FITNESS, FOOD & LIFE, we need to focus on the fundamental things to eventually find OUR balance!

Much love, Lei x

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