Do Carbs Really = Weight Gain?

I often hear ladies say: “I avoid carbs because it made me gain weight!” Guess what… You’ve been eating carbs the entire time! Okay, okay, let me get this straight.

Carbs a.k.a donuts, bagels, bread, pasta, chips, pizza, burger etc. THIS is called HIGHER fat/carb intake.

Carbs a.k.a bananas, blueberries, sweet potato, bread, rice, nuts, oats, chips, pineapple, yogurt etc. THIS is called MACRONUTRIENTS.

CARBS ARE NOT THE REASON WHY YOU ARE GAINING WEIGHT – Your CALORIE INTAKE is! MACROS refer to protein, fats and CARBS which are the 3 basic components of every food item. They are the nutrients you use in the largest amounts.

Protein source – food high in protein | Fat source – food high in fats | Carb source – food high in carbohydrates 

Some food items contain all 3, some only 2 and some only 1 (single source) macronutrient. So, if you were thinking that you made a better decision by avoiding the pasta, to go with your delicious cooked chicken, and choose rice instead, well guess what – YOU STILL ATE CARBS! PASTA IS NOT BAD AND ALSO NOT THE REASON FOR YOUR WEIGHT GAIN! Or you’ve chosen a high protein option like Greek yogurt instead of a carb source like a banana for a quick snack option, hoping to avoid the carbs… Girl, you still consumed carbs (in small amounts) which are found in Greek yogurt! BOTTOM LINE – it’s NOT the carbs that made you gain weight, YOU WERE EATING TOO MUCH FOOD!

You were eating above your maintenance = WEIGHT GAIN! (and muscle gain but that’s a different story!)

Calorie deficit – weight loss

Calorie surplus – weight gain / muscle gain

So, next time when you’re trying to lose weight but blame the carbs, take a closer look at the food items you’re consuming because you are most probably so focused on the carbs when reading the nutritional label and forget about the fats/calories! YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN HAVE YOUR FAVOURITE FOODS WHILE STILL SEEING AND GETTING RESULTS! That includes donuts, pizza, burgers, pasta, strawberries, potato, chips, chocolates, ice cream – literally ALL the things you love, but… IN MODERATION a.k.a BALANCE.

Much love, Lei x

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