Leiere Falck

“My true passion lies deeply in seeing women transform into the most confident versions of themselves”

Like everything in life, we all start somewhere, and I’ve always wanted to share my knowledge regarding health and fitness with women who want to achieve body confidence. In a world like today it’s difficult to acquire self-love or feel loved by all the negativity we are living in, affecting women in all aspects, but most importantly, affecting their confidence. I’ve always known that I would pursue my dream in the health and fitness industry and I wanted to be the person who’s the reason for a change in someone else’s life. I wanted women to be confident.

I started giving out complimentary short duration programs and challenges and the response and feedback to this was absolutely mind blowing. I invested in myself, my brand, and did everything I possibly could to make myself grow and stand out! I wanted to be different. I coached clients at my local gym, and slowly but surely, everything started to fall into place and for the first time ever women started reaching out to me! I did what I have to do and went straight for my goals, specializing in female transformations! This gives me the opportunity to not only help women transform, but help them grow and acquire that feeling of self-love back! Combining my passion for exercise with education led me to fall in love with the health and fitness industry and wanting to help other women understand and take control of their bodies and lives.

Over time, I’ve developed my own approach to training and nutrition that has allowed, not only myself but also my clients to create their dream shape. We are capable of achieving such incredible things and I’ve created my programs to test your limits and unlock your potential. Fitness is so diverse, and every single one of us follow a different fitness journey and this is exactly what lit a spark in me! This is where LFF transformations were born and I was obsessed and completely dedicated to helping as many ladies as I could! This led me to shift my focus purely on online coaching, investing every part of myself into making LFF the best female fitness family possible!

I am a fully qualified Exercise Specialist and Pn1 Exercise Nutritionist coach with 3+ years of health and wellness experience through fitness coaching. I started bodybuilding at the age of 17 and have competed in over 20 bodybuilding competitions, earning my Protea Colours and representing my country on an international level. I am a proud business woman running my own skincare company, PRE|EMPT Skin. I am the host and fitness coach of my women’s fitness events, which are held every few months in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I am also the designer behind my fitness merchandise, and a proud athlete for two amazing brands; Nutritech and Ryderwear who support me in everything that I do and help me reach my full potential. I’m currently pursuing my dream as a #GirlBoss.

Embarking on my very own fitness journey and changing lives of hundreds of women worldwide will forever be my biggest achievement!

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