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  • by itsleierefalckx 21 hours ago
     #LFFBABE  in her building phase // 8 weeks of CONSISTENCY [SWIPE FOR SHAPE] I’ve been focusing a lot on building
  • by itsleierefalckx 3 days ago
    The FIRE to your GLUTES here at  @af_durbanville  // NEW FAVE GYM! I can see you ladies enjoy my ‘train
  • by itsleierefalckx 2 days ago
    “LFFBABE for life!” // ✨ I mean it when I say that PERSONAL TOUCH is what separates LFF Coaching from
  • by itsleierefalckx 3 hours ago
    SAVE THE DATE | mark your calendar AUGUST, 15TH✨ Next 8 week LIFESTYLE REBUILD PROGRAM intake is opening next month
  • by itsleierefalckx 1 week ago
    KICKSTART your Health & Fitness Journey✨ Up for a SWEATY challenge? This Program is for YOU It’s never too late
  • by itsleierefalckx 1 week ago
    FUN FACTS ABOUT ME‍♀️ If you’re N E W to my platform, hi! Here are a few interesting facts which
  • by itsleierefalckx 3 days ago
    START EATING please If this doesn’t motivate you to EAT MORE then I honestly don’t know what will… But seriously,
  • by itsleierefalckx 7 days ago
    EXCEL Seamless⚡️ It’s the SEAMLESS one shoulder sports bra for me // NEW!  @ryderwear  I have so many one shoulder