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LFF Challenge Home Bundle




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LFF 6 and 8 week Challenge HOME BASICS that will take your training to the NEXT LEVEL!

Get results in the comfort of your own home with LFF's Challenge and must-have HOME equipment!


Ankle Weights:

High quality Ankle Weights to take your lower body training to the NEXT LEVEL!

Whether it is a jog in the forest, or a daily workout in the comfort of your own home or gym environment, LFF Ankle Weights are always ready to help you strengthen your legs, burn calories and grow that booty!

These Ankle Weights are made with durable mercerized cotton and moisture absorbing material on the inside. This set is super soft, breathable and comfortable to wear with a large velcro pad to prevent the Ankle Weights from falling down. Perfect for both home and gym exercises!

These 2 kg Ankle Weights are the perfect resistance to challenge yourself and it comes with a reusable Carry Bag.


LFF Long Resistance Bands:

These Long Resistance Bands are the perfect elastic fabric and alternative for weights! It is made of premium fabric material that is comfortable on the skin and comes with an anti-slip grip - no pinch or roll. If you prefer to exercise at home, these LFF Bands will become your new best friend!

One design, three resistances! The set includes three different bands, each with their own resistance level. Choose your resistance and challenge yourself! All three bands come with a reusable Carry Bag.


Signature Booty Band:

This Signature Booty Band is perfect for both bodyweight and weighted exercises. Leiere incorporates this cotton band into her lower body workouts to target and isolate her glutes! Made from cotton fabric, with non-slip grip on the inside, to prevent the Booty Band from rolling up. Perfect for at home and gym workouts.

One design and one resistance. The Booty Band resistance is rated 'medium' and is the perfect resistance to challenge yourself, not too easy and not too challenging for your desired goals. Your Booty Band will come with a reusable Carry Bag.

Two designs to choose from:

  • LEOPARD (Leopard Print)
  • STAPLES (Nude Colour)


Skipping Rope:

Brand NEW LFF Skipping Rope with premium metal wire, ready to help you burn those extra calories during your training session at home! The length of the Skipping Rope can be adjustable to your need with an anti-slip handle for comfort exercising.


What's included?

  • 2 x 2 kg Ankle Weights (1 Set) + Carry Bag
  • 3 x LFF Long Resistance Bands (1 Set) + Carry Bag
  • 1 x Standard Signature Booty Band + Carry BagĀ | Choose your design; LEOPARD or STAPLES
  • 1 x LFF Skipping Rope


Additional information

Choose Your Booty Band Style