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LFF Weight Lifting Belt


SUPPORT your back & build STRENGTH!

Introducing our BRAND NEW LFF Weight Lifting Belt, perfect for our LFFBABES who are ready to build some serious strength and protect their lower back while training in the gym!

Leiere incorporates the Lifting Belt during her lower and back sessions to support her core muscles and keep her back straight when lifting heavy. The weight training belt stabilises her spine and trunk by offering the muscles an even contraction resistance through pressure and focus on keeping her spine in its neutral position when handling heavy weights.

Length: 110cm & suitable for waistline 70-85cm

How to fit:

  • Position the lifting belt around your waist with the larger portion of the belt resting on your back - LFF logo facing the back.
  • Use the strap to tighten the belt to the desired fit. the belt should not move while you are moving.
  • Wear the lifting belt when you are ready to challenge yourself and lift heavy!

Shop now and protect your back, Gorgeous!