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[JUNE INTAKE IS NOW CLOSED] Next intake TBA in August.

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Introducing our BRAND NEW 8 week LIFESTYLE REBUILD Program + BIGGEST R20,000 Challenge prize in LFF History!


LIFESTYLE REBUILD, previously known as LFF Challenges, is uniquely designed around the LFF SYSTEM - all the Training, Nutrition and Mindset Coaching in one single Portal, designed to help you reach your goals in the perfect environment whilst living a guilt-free lifestyle, something many females struggle to achieve. There is nothing stopping you from making a head start and entering this year with a positive mindset, new habits and complete control over your Health and Fitness Journey.

LIFESTYLE REBUILD is the last Program you will ever have to sign up for! Leiere Falck Fitness delivers some of the best transformations we have ever seen, and I can't wait for you to experience what being an LFFBABE is all about. Get ready for a COMPLETE lifestyle transformation, Gorgeous. It is time to unlock your potential and REBUILD in 2022!


This worldwide Challenge is all about discovering your STRENGTH, building CONFIDENCE and creating the BODY OF YOUR DREAMS! Over time, I’ve developed my own approach to Training and Nutrition that has allowed, not only myself but also my clients to create their dream shape. We, as women, are capable of achieving such incredible things and I’ve created my Programs to test your limits and unlock your potential! My true PASSION lies deeply in seeing women transform into the most confident version of themselves! My role is to educate you, be a Coach and Trainer and shape you into what YOU are comfortable in. I have helped hundreds of women reach their Health and Fitness goals, and you’re about to be one of them!


LIFESTYLE REBUILD will provide you with the most effective environment to achieve your goals so that you can LOOK and FEEL your best this year. During a time of uncertainty, I want to show you how to train effectively whilst adapting to your environment and circumstances! Minimal equipment, body-weight options, you name it... I've got you!

LFF Coaching has changed the lives of hundreds of women, providing you with access to all the Training, Nutrition, Mindset, Accountability and Support that you need to achieve your goals. Let's have a look at it!


  • Training Introduction Guide - The one stop place for everything Training + Education!
  • Home + Gym Based Program - 8 Weeks of my most effective workouts broken into four two-week phases, and post Challenge Guide; two Programs in one with easy equipment swap options and guidelines.
  • Workout + Educational Videos - You will receive video demonstrations for every workout and exercise tutorials for exercises you're wanting a better understanding on.
  • LFF Exercise Swap Feature - Swap exercises for regression and/or bodyweight options if needed; this Program is beginner and advanced friendly. Train according to your fitness levels.
  • Two-week Recovery Phase - Bonus two weeks worth of workouts to encourage recovery post Program experience. Perfect if creating a lifestyle and joining LFF Programs back-to-back.
  • Additional Stretching, Reference Guides + more.



  • Nutrition Introduction Guide - The one stop place for everything Nutrition + Education!
  • LFF Recipe Library - 200+ Delicious recipes added to the LFF database to swap out foods, create variety and use post Program experience. Vegan and Vegetarian recipes included.
  • Personalised Meal Plans - Four (4) Guilt-free easy-to-follow Meal Plans in total with a shopping list, recipe directions and tips, created to suit you, your goals and any dietary preferences you may have. Many people calculate their calories and then think “now what?” – ta-da! All the thinking done for you, Gorgeous! You just have to commit, check in on time and enjoy your delicious meals. I cater for all dietary requirements (Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Seafood Free etc).

Because staying on track does not mean you have to miss out on the foods you love! I don’t believe in rigid, boring Meal Plans in order to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I'm going to educate you so that you can improve your relationship with food and never feel guilty of eating your favourite pancakes and ice cream ever again.



  • Mindset Coaching - Everything mindset, motivation, inspiration and changing your perspective! Get access to our pre-recorded videos with our Mindset Coach, Johan, that will relate and connect with you, helping you with all life's challenges and leaving a profound impact!



  • Log in to your very own LFF Client Portal - Your one-stop place for everything Training, Nutrition and Mindset. Portal access for the duration of the Challenge.
  • Check ins to stay on track and make necessary changes - Based on your progress, I’ll make updates to ensure you get the best possible results. You have biweekly check ins in this Program.
  • Join the LFF Community - Join the Lifestyle Rebuild WhatsApp group for motivation and inspiration, as well as for all scheduled live chats.
  • Support & Guidance - 24/7 Support from myself, LFF ambassadors and the Community. Together we will help you learn, apply and create your desired changes.
  • Calendar of Activities - View your Calendar for all activities taking place during our time together. This includes check-in and social media posting dates + more.
  • Blog Section - Get first access to LFF educational content posted as mini blogs to help you progress in the 8 weeks.
  • Additional Features - Educational content, Stretching and Reference Guides + so much more.


Whether your goal is to

  • Burn Fat
  • Shape Muscle
  • Get Strong
  • Get Fit
  • Grow your Glutes
  • Tighten your Core
  • Build Better Habits
  • Learn how to make Better choices
  • Look & Feel your Best
  • Build Body Confidence

then THIS LFF LIFESTYLE REBUILD Program is for you!


EQUIPMENT needed for this 8 week Program:

Have you seen our LFF merchandise yet? All the equipment listed below are available to purchase on the website (dumbbells excluded). We have special BUNDLE DEALS available, perfect if you'd like to SAVE BIG!


Home Training: If you are going to complete this Program in the comfort of your own home.

  • LFF Booty Band
  • LFF Ankle Weights
  • LFF Long Resistance Bands
  • LFF Skipping Rope
  • Dumbbells - Beginner: 2kg upper body, 4kg lower body / Intermediate: 4kg upper body, 7kg lower body / Advanced: 8+ kg upper body, 10+ kg lower body.

(I recommend having access to a variety of weight selections if your goal is to build muscle.)


Gym Training: If you are going to complete this Program in the gym environment.

  • LFF Barbell Pad
  • LFF Ankle Strap
  • LFF Booty Band
  • LFF Skipping Rope
  • LFF Lifting Belt (not compulsory)
  • Your local gym will have the weight selections available for the gym-based Program.




To motivate our LFFBABES even more, we have amazing prizes up for grabs! THIS IS OUR BIGGEST OVERALL CHALLENGE PRIZE IN LFF HISTORY! Get ready, Gorgeous, because I'm about to take your LFF experience to a whole new level.


The Overall Challenge winner will be rewarded for her hard work, consistency and dedication, and will win an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO CAPE TOWN! Come and spend the day with me.

  • Fun-filled Activities
  • Surprises
  • Spoils
  • & Cash


A small glimpse into a few surprises and spoils included - Nutritech Voucher to continue your Fitness Journey, Ryderwear Voucher to train in comfort and style, Bacon Bikinis Voucher to flaunt your new body in stunning pieces, Sculptures By S Voucher for a fresh new manicure of choice, Personalised Spoils from LFF, drinks and explore with FOMO App, Good Hair Day spoils with ghd, R3000.00 Cash + so much more!

  • R1000.00 Nutritech Voucher
  • R3000.00 Ryderwear Voucher
  • R1000.00 Bacon Bikinis Voucher
  • R500.00 Sculptures By S Voucher (Cape Town based)
  • Personalised Spoils from LFF
  • Drinks & Explore with FOMO App
  • Good Hair Day Spoils with ghd
  • R3000.00 Cash
  • + so much more!


Working towards the body of your dreams require just one single action, and that is to make the DECISION to finally take control. Your are already one step closer and so much stronger than you think. We all start somewhere and THIS Program will kickstart your Health and Fitness Journey, help you understand the overwhelming topics of Training and Nutrition, educate you, change your perspective and help you finally TAKE CONTROL!

Places for this Program are STRICTLY LIMITED! Personal touch will always remain an important aspect for LFF and therefore the Program intake will close as soon as we have reached capacity. SECURE EARLY ACCESS to your spot and join my team today!



  • 30th May: Sign Ups Open
  • 6th June: Sign Ups Continue
  • 19th June: Sign Ups close + WhatsApp Community Group Created
  • 20th June: Program Starts
  • 14th August: Program Ends
  • Week of 15th August: Program Winner Announcement



Next intake TBA in August.


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