“PRE|EMPT SKINCARE – Skincare products deriving from only natural ingredients reduce your exposure to the potentially harmful ingredients that exist in modern skincare products.”

The average woman can use more than ten personal care products per day on more than one occasion, i.e. antiperspirant, perfume, lipstick eye shadow, foundation, blusher, hand cream, body lotion, facial cleanser, toners, scrubs, nourishing creams and this is just getting the list started. This does not include bath bombs, body washes, shampoos, conditioners and other substances our skin gets in contact with on a daily basis. Have you ever looked at the ingredients these products are made from? It is a daunting task for most people without the required insights. Imagine we have to do without all of these products, one quickly realises how important these products are in our lives and all of these products are purposefully made to be applied directly onto our skin.

The skin is our largest organ and can absorb 60% of what is applied to it. This includes anything and everything that it comes into contact with. It is like a big sponge that fulfill various important functions of which protecting, regulation of body temperature and excretion of waste products are probably the most important.

Many skincare products compete for consumer attention and appealing products, that smells great, that has a good texture, and that is innovative will most like make their way into the shopping baskets.

Consumers are likely to make their choices of products or brands based on the above but are also purchasing products for the wrong reasons. The comparison should rather evolve around the ingredients and the role they play in the application. The truth is that the ingredients and their purpose are often ignored, and the products are chosen mainly for the way they smell and how they are presented.

Skincare products are made by formulating ingredients together with carriers that bind the ingredients, resulting in a product with a shelf-life for consumer application. These formulations are done by skilled professionals to produce skincare products for various applications. The ingredients themselves originate from natural and artificial sources but can be manufactured or altered to be more efficient and cost-effective.

Artificial ingredients, along with the carriers, can contain harmful substances, that could affect our health mainly on the long run. It places unnecessary stress on the function of the skin as well as detoxifying processes and the immune system. Skincare products deriving from only natural ingredients reduce your exposure to the potentially harmful ingredients that exist in modern skincare products.

Some commonly occurring toxic chemicals in skincare products include perfume, colourants, sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, paraffin, petrolatum and phthalates, all to be absorbed by your skin. They normally serve a specific purpose as binders, thickeners, have preserving functions and could also be for saving costs or thinning out products that require less body.

Natural skincare products are made by formulating suitable naturally derived active and carrier ingredients into skincare applications. Artificial ingredients or the known nasties are avoided completely, and special care may be given to the origin of the ingredients to ensure compliance to vegan and animal cruelty endorsements. The result is a naturally derived skincare product that is less likely to irritate the skin, and have no negative long term effects on your health, which also respect the environment and personal beliefs.

It is sensible to use natural skincare products as you get the best of what mother nature has to offer in sensible products that are just as effective as modern skincare products, without the nasties.

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